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How The Latest Automobile Technologies Are Changing The Way You Drive

How The Latest Automobile Technologies Are Changing The Way You Drive
Approximately 40% of today’s drivers would change car brands for their next purchase in exchange for greater connectivity, according to Mckinsey. Automotive technology has come a long way to change how people drive, and it continues to evolve at a rapid rate. Over the years, vehicles have become more high-tech, complex, and durable. And it’s not only about shiny dashboards, smart keys, key finders, or fancy screens. Modern vehicles can communicate with each other, predict and prevent collisions, and even park themselves. If by chance you have been wondering how reliable wireless backup cameras or automated parking systems work, here are other latest automobile technologies transforming how you drive.

Voice Recognition

voice recognition technology in cars

The integration of voice recognition technology in cars is paving the way for a more refined driving experience. With voice recognition systems in the vehicle, you can answer calls, reply to texts, and adjust your music playlist hands-free. You will only need to tell the voice assistant what to do, and it will pause your music, make and receive calls, or read and respond to texts.
Using voice recognition software helps drivers stay focused on the road throughout their journey. As a result, the risk of getting involved in a road accident is reduced. Considering speech recognition is a vital tool for promoting road safety, it is advisable to look at how in-car voice assistants perform in your dream car before making a purchase. Make an effort to review customer rankings on trucks, mid-sized cars, sports cars, and SUVs on credible auto websites. These sites share genuine feedback about different automobile features from verified vehicle owners.

Lane Keeping Assist

Lane Keeping Assist in cars

The lane departure warning feature or lane-keep assist is designed to enhance road safety by keeping the car centered while driving to prevent collisions. These systems rely on forward-facing cameras fitted on the windshield and infrared sensors to scan lane markings on the road. When the system detects you’re swerving away from your lane, it sends visual and audible alerts. Some lane-keeping assist systems send a gentle vibration on the steering wheel and move the vehicle back to the center without the driver’s intervention.

AR Dashboard Displays

AR Dashboard Displays in cars

Augmented reality (AR) has become an essential part of the driving experience. Automakers around the world are using augmented reality to give the dashboard videogame-like aesthetics. AR dashboards display all the information you need to know about your car, including speed and fuel capacity on the windshield. They also provide vital information like direction, how fast you’re approaching other motorists, and how to prevent a collision. Augmented reality dashboard displays have proven to keep road users safe, as they show information in the driver’s line of view. That way, drivers can pay attention to driving rather than focus on infotainment systems and busy dashboards.

Bottom Line

As automakers continue experimenting with new technologies, we can expect vehicles to keep getting smarter. Carmakers are always seeking ways to integrate tech innovations in automobiles to make driving easier, improve comfort and road safety. Some of the tech features you should look for in your next vehicle are voice recognition, AR dashboards, radar cruise control, lane keep assist, and smartwatch integration.