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10 Highly Paid Jobs in UAE, Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Air Hosts

The economy of the United Arab Emirates is an open system comprising trade and business. This Emirate has emerged as a promising market for various industries all over the world. The high standards of living, the well-developed economic base, and the availability of skilled labor have made the UAE one of the most attractive places to settle down. There are many jobs in the UAE that offer a handsome amount of salary to professionals every month. Not only this, there are also lots of job opportunities for various prestigious companies and businesses across different fields such as oil and gas, construction and real estate, banking and finance, education and health care etc.

1. Doctors

The average pay for a doctor working in Dubai hospitals is (AED 3600 approx.). But doctors who work with Gulf Medical University make (AED 13000 approx.). Gynecologists earn an average monthly salary of around  (AED 4000). You can find more at DoctorsDubai.ae

According to a survey, most doctors in UAE get an average basic salary of (AED 4000). But Indian and Pakistani doctors get paid less than their counterparts from other countries.

2. Engineer

On average engineers in the UAE receive pay packages between (AED 8,000 – 9,000). Engineers working in the oil & gas sector get around (AED 16,000). Top-notch oil and gas engineers can even earn up to (AED 30,000 approx.).

3. Air Hostess

The air-hostesses of Emirates Airlines are amongst the highest-paid employees at Dubai International Airport. They make approximately AED 20,00 – 25,000 per month.

4. Cabin Crew

Cabin crew members of Emirates Airlines are also one of the highest-paid employees who get an average monthly pay package of AED 18,000 to AED 25,000.

5. Hairdresser

The hairdressers in Dubai earn a good amount between (AED 1500 – 2000 approx.) per month. This profession offers lots of opportunities and facilities for development.

6. Plumber/Electrician

The plumbers and electricians will receive AED 2000 – 3000 on an average per month in UAE.

7. Clerk

Clerks and receptionists working in UAE get around (AED 2000). If they are from European countries then their salary ranges from (AED 3,500 – 4,500). Top-end companies hire clerks from European countries as they are paid big.

8. Top-End Maid

In top-end hotels, the maids receive a salary of AED 1500 – 1800. But if an ex-pat helps you out with hiring a housemaid then it will cost around AED 900 to 1,000 a month.

9. Accountant


An accountant in UAE earns between (AED 2000 – 2250 approx.) per month. If you have knowledge about the Arabic language and have expertise in local business laws then the salary can be increased up to (AED 5000).

10. Waiter/Waitress

The waiters and waitresses working for restaurants get paid around AED 800 – 1100 per month on an average basis. There is a huge difference in their salaries. The salary of waiters and waitress depend upon the type of restaurant they work for.

The people who have a flair for foreign language can try out these jobs as there is a big demand for English teachers at UAE schools that offers good salary to their employees. Also, many ex-pats are taking up this profession as it is very easy to get employed here with several job options available all over the Emirate. If you are interested then you must apply online for a visa on arrival in UAE. Learn the Arabic Language at B1 level to get more job opportunities here.

Author Bio

Dr. Nazia Shams (MD) is a famous healthcare researcher. She has been working in Dubai and other gulf countries for the last 10 years. Her research has helped many doctors in pursuing their careers in this area. Also, she has contributed great knowledge to patients and healthcare stakeholders living in UAE. Her work and blogs can be found out on a leading healthcare blog DoctorsDubai.ae. If you are a doctor in Dubai or you want to have information about healthcare facilities in UAE, then this can be the best place for you.

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