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Gear That Goes off With a Bang: A Close-Range Look at the Best Hunting Gear of 2022

Best Hunting Gear

When you’re leagues deep in the wilderness waiting patiently for the perfect shot, you want to make sure you are wearing the best outdoor hunting clothing available. While there’s more to hunting than the gear you bring with you, no one can deny that it helps to come as prepared as possible. 

Hunting gear is becoming more and more evolved as developers understand how animals sense human presence. Hunting gear goes beyond just a camouflage pattern or a fleece undershirt in today’s technological age. In the future, the shirt and socks you wear may be just as important as the rifle you use.

Whether your priority is warmth or stealth, you must equip yourself with top-of-the-line gear so you can gain a leg up over your prey. From vital base layers to high-performance socks, this list features the best hunting gear of 2022. 

A high-performance base layer system

A high-tech base layer for hunting is the best underlayer to keep you warm in the cold weather and the snow. 

Some advanced base layers even include EMF-blocking technology or EMF-blocking hunting camouflage. This particular type of outdoor hunting clothing can block the electromagnetic waves that your body emits naturally. These wavelengths clue animals into your presence, making hunting more difficult.

By keeping this technology close to the chest in the form of your thermal base layer, you can ensure you’ll be as discreet as possible when sneaking through the woods. The EMF-blocking technology is revolutionary in hunting, giving the hunters a leg up against the ever-intuitive wild animals. 

Many base layers are fitted and comfortable to keep you toasty even in the winter but have flexible fabric that allows you the full mobility you need out in the wilderness. And using clothing with EMF-blocking technology, you can get up to 75% closer to a mule deer without them sensing you. 

Hooded shirt with an integrated face cover 

These sweatshirts consist of a conductive carbon fiber grid woven into the fabric that traps heat while still being breathable. This technology is part of the EMF-blocking design that protects from being detected by an animal’s sixth sense. The outer high-performance wicking fabric keeps you warm and dry.

The integrated face cover, thumbholes, and hoodie pocket allow you to warm your extremities when the air is cold, and you’re slowly stalking your prey. Plus, the unique camouflage will make it harder for prey to spot you through the woods, a time-honored hunting tactic. 

High-performance hunting socks

From your head to your toes, you should always wear the best hunting gear you can get your hands on. As of 2022, that should include these high-performance hunting socks designed to keep you comfortable and warm. 

Just like the base layer, these socks block the electrical signals your body emits that birds and other animals can sense. With these socks, every footstep will be stealthy, and you’ll still be warm and comfortable, even if your hunting trek includes a few walks in the water. 

You may be thinking that your average socks are good enough as long as you have the proper boots, but don’t underestimate the impact of the perfect sock. Durable construction in tandem with soft and comfy materials means you can stay cozy while

hiking through the woods


Your head and face are super sensitive to changes in temperature and frigid conditions. With a well-constructed complete headcover, you can protect yourself from the elements and still make the kill. 

If you want to step up your game, you can incorporate that same EMF-blocking technology into your balaclava as well. So from head to toe, you have essentially made yourself undetectable to a stray deer or lone pheasant. 

A complete headcover is a lightweight, breathable and durable material that keeps you warm without making you sweat. Headcovers are typically one-size-fits-all, but many come with an adjustable strap in the back for the best fit. 

Green hunting hat

It’s hard to make a clean shot when the sun blinds your vision. With a lightweight cap and included sun visor, you can close in on your target without the sun interfering. Far from the dorky style of Sherlock Holmes, the right hunting hat for you will help you blend in without drawing a laugh from your hunting buddies. 

If you’re not a hat kind of person, you might still benefit from a robust, UV-blocking pair of sunglasses. That way, you can protect your eyes and your aim in one fell swoop. 

Quality hunting gloves

Stretch-fit hunting gloves are the perfect pair of gloves for any hunter. If you’ve ever hunted during winter, you know how vital a decent pair of gloves is not just to your comfort but your health and safety once the temperatures drop low enough

Having those gloves allows you the agility and precision you need while keeping your fingers warm and protecting them from the elements. Cold hands make holding a rifle or a crossbow very difficult, if not impossible. So if you think you don’t need gloves when hunting in the winter, you’re in for a rough experience. 

High-performance hunting base layer three-piece suit

This product is the whole package for a hunter. The brown, breathable material is a stylish departure from the standard camouflage but still features the signal-stopping stealth technology that masks your presence from highly intuitive animals like birds or deer. 

The base layer suit comes with stretchy pants, a semi-thermal long-sleeve shirt, and the superbly constructed headcover to keep you warm throughout a long day of hunting. 

Sometimes hunting means hunkering down and practicing some patience. That becomes much harder if you are freezing your limbs off. 

Final thoughts

If you want to be the best hunter, you need to have the best outdoor hunting clothing. 

Having the best hunting gear means seeing the animals before they see you, which is every hunters’ goal. And with new stealth clothing, technology trumps animal instincts, giving the hunter the upper hand.