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As NBA Season Starts Up, Which Basketball Is Right For My Kids?

Which Basketball Is Right For My Kids?

If your child plays basketball, it’s critical that they use the proper size ball. Yes. Basketballs are available in a variety of sizes, ranging from size 1 to size 7. The diameter determines the sizing number assigned to each ball, and while it may appear to be a slight variation, it can make a significant difference.

Why is it Important to Choose the Right Size of the Ball for your Kid?

Younger players should shoot with a smaller ball using a lower rim. Throwing a baseball or football necessitates a great deal of hip, waist, and shoulder turn. When shooting a basketball, though, you should be squared up to the basket and produce power with your legs. Your shoulders should not rotate and should remain square. Even a talented athlete will forgo form to make shots if the ball is too heavy, rotating their shoulders to get the ball to the hoop. If you start with a little ball and a short hoop, the kids will feel more at ease and acquire confidence utilizing the proper form.

Basket ball for kids

When your kid begins playing basketball at school or on an afterschool team, the school or organization is likely to provide them with the necessary sporting goods. When it’s time to buy them a basketball to practice their abilities at home and between team practices, you’ll find that there are plenty of different basketballs for sale

. If you’re not sure what you’re searching for, deciding what size to buy might be difficult, but there are some simple principles to follow.

What Type of Basketball should you Choose?

It’s proven that sports and sporting goods can harm the environment greatly, so eco balls are one way in which you can give your contribution towards saving our planet.

What Size Basketball should you Get for your Child?

Their age, skill level, and the type of surface they’ll be playing whether indoor basketball or outdoor basketball will all influence the basketball they choose.

Different Sizes

Little girl with basketball

Ages 4-6: The majority of children in this age range are unable to reach a normal hoop height. (However, I’ve seen 4-year-olds not only reach the regulation basket but also make shots – on a regular basis!) A smaller basketball would also be beneficial to children of this age group. Mini basketballs are available. 25.5′′ is the size of a size 4 basketball. These are a wonderful option for kids who have never played basketball before. Once they’ve gotten the hang of it, the goal should be to get them to a size 5 basketball (27.5′′).

Ages 7-8: Most youngsters in this age group can reach the hoop with a little help. The use of a size 5 basketball (27.5′′) will benefit children in this age group.

Ages 9-11: The size 6 basketball (28.5′′) is recommended for youngsters in this age group.

It’s also worth noting that WNBA women’s basketballs are size 6 (28.5′′), but official NBA men’s basketballs are size 7 (29.5′′).

So, from the age of nine till adulthood, girls should use size 28.5′′ basketballs.

To Sum Up

Basketball is a wonderful sport to encourage your child to get active, develop discipline, make friends, and even progress in school, regardless of how old they are or when they first take an interest in it. While they’re at it, make sure they’re using the appropriate ball size as they grow and learn!