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Why Review Monitoring Is Important for Your Business

Many things started shifting rapidly in this modern age, including sales and the market. Most of the large companies have launched online reviews, as have some smaller ones. These reviews are necessary because of the ever-changing way of promoting products and gaining trust from customers.

For instance, you can reach many people online and have them leave their reviews. It seems pretty simple, but like anything else, handling online reviews comes with certain hardships and demands. It can become quite confusing for many, especially if they’re new to this practice.

In this article, we will talk about review monitoring in general, explain its importance, mention the reasons why it makes a powerful tool for your company’s business, and why you should use it after all. We will also examine all the key features, outcomes, and some external stuff.

What is review monitoring?

Review monitoring is a modern method of keeping in touch with many customer reviews. Back in the day, you could only rely on close friends and family to help promote your business to other people. Today, with everything happening online, you would have to expand it on a much larger scale.

Why does it matter?

It matters because you can get many people worldwide to recommend your company’s services to many others, but here’s the neat part. You would have to prove that you’re providing effective services and have thus satisfied your customers.

As we previously mentioned, people can complement your products, but they can also give a bad review. Just as compliments and praises could help you reach a lot more customers, just a bad review or two would negatively impact your business and have a pretty bad effect on your reputation.

Clearer marketing goals

Not only is monitoring important for tracking positive and negative feedback, but it’s also essential for pursuing many marketing opportunities. To achieve much broader success, you need to reach your target audience. Of course, this doesn’t happen straight away, but consistency will get you far.

Another deciding factor of your business is a star rating. Most customers will pick your company based on your rate. An overall positive rating will raise your brand awareness, increase the value significantly, and build a strong chain in the market.

Improved online reputation

For an improved online reputation, you would have to stay on track with the reviews and leave timely feedback. It will make a better connection. Another crucial thing is to have an online presence. You should also use social media since many customers would probably reach out to you this way.

Better search engine ranking

One of the most powerful tools for getting a wide exposure is SE ranking. It’s a powerful SEO tool, and it serves for website and blog optimization. With proper use, your company can become visible to anyone, bringing you many clients and sales. Of course, this also requires some investment.

Also, it demands a certain amount of technique and strategy. You can’t just do anything and hope it will work. You need to pay a lot of attention when applying your strategy and maintain it continuously for your website to stay on top. There is always room for improvement, but this is already a big step up.

Why do professionals use residential proxies for review monitoring?

Another effective tool necessary for every review monitoring is the use of proxies. A proxy is a network that is essential for managing, customizing, masking, and hiding IP addresses. Companies use a proxy for analyzing data and price comparison without getting blocked by the sites.

There are different proxies, but residential proxies have been the best choice for professionals. This type of proxy creates a new IP address to your location from a true internet service provider. It replaces your old IP with the residential IP, which is convenient and looks legit.

Don’t confuse a proxy with a VPN, though. VPN is a private network that provides you with a secure connection while surfing the web. While you can have multiple connections when using a proxy, you can only have one connection when using a VPN.

However, companies don’t use residential proxies for privacy, which is the main role of a VPN. Therefore, it’s safe to say that using a residential proxy over a VPN is better for businesses.


These are the main reasons why review monitoring is a must for your business. It comes with many benefits, and it goes hand-in-hand with other tools that support its function. When running a business, you have to constantly improve your strategy, work on your online presence, and try to predict your next move when marketing your company.