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Top Indian Foods that are a Must-try


Positioned in South Asia, India is a country that is famous for its various cultures and traditions. One word that would be perfect for defining this amazing place is ‘diversity’. People from different cultures, religions, castes, and sects live there.

Just like its diverse culture, food in India has also come from various civilizations, and they all have contributed their part in the present form. This is the reason that you might not have experienced this taste in the rest of the world.

The food taste in India varies from place to place, depending on the culture and traditions of the area. Some might have a sharp taste, and others may be less. However, majorly Indian foods are known for their ‘spiciness’. These spices not just enhance the taste but also have some effective nutritional and medicinal properties.

Most Popular Traditional Indian Food

Here are some of the most famous traditional Indian foods that you should try for once in your life. For all food lovers out there, you are just in the right place!

1.      Masala Dosa:

If you have been to India, then you must know about the all famous ‘Masala Dosa’. The dish is on the list of the most famous breakfast in South India. As rice is the staple of South Indian cuisine, so it has to include this super crispy and delicious Masala Dosa.

The Dosa is very simple to make; it’s just the rice and lentils that are kept in water for a good 5-6 hours. Once it is ready, it is then cooked on a pan/skillet with a teaspoon of oil. And you are good to go with a crispy brown Dosa.

There are different types of filling in Masala Dosa, but the most common one is the potato seasoned with spices and onion curry, dipped in a chutney.

2.      Hyderabadi Biryani:

Biryani arrived in the Indian culture with the Mughals, and since then, it has been an absolute favorite of all. Among all the different biryani styles, no other dish can take the place of Hyderabadi Biryani.

This mouth-watering dish is the easiest to make among all the other biryani. Just marinate the meat (lamb or chicken) with yogurt, spices, and other ingredients. Then, it’s just all about layering the cooked basmati rice over it. To cook the meat, the traditional ‘dum’ method works the best for it. It works by trapping the steam inside the cooker slowly.

The topping is all about yogurt, onions, and lemons. The rice makes the best combination with ‘Raita’ and even ‘Lassi’.

3.      Famous Indian Chaats:

People from different countries come to India just to try their street food. The mainstay of Indian food streets is chaats. These savory snacks originated from North India, and now it is all over the country.

Paani puri, Bhelpuri, Sev puri, Aloo Chaat, Tikki Chaat are all in the list of the most famous Indian street food. The base is all about puffed rice, peas, vegetables, and spices. Additionally, with the fillings of yogurt, coriander, chutney and topped with crispy ‘paapari’ and some spice, these are a must-try.

Once you try these crispy and chunky chaats, it is no exaggeration there’s no going back. These chaats truly add a flavor to one’s life.

4.       Makki Ki Roti with Sarson ka Saag:

Since years, Makki ki roti and Sarson ka Saag has been a go-to food for people living in the Punjab region of India. Mostly eaten in winters, the dish is very palatable and beneficial.

It is definitely a dish worth tasting once you visit Punjab. Makki ki roti is a corn flour bread that’s kneaded into a soft dough and then into a small, thin, round shape structure. Then you just need to place it on Tawa (Indian pan) on a medium flame.

Whereas, Sarson ka Saag takes time to process. The process starts by boiling it and then grinding mustard leaves and spinach, forming a delicious dish. The arrangement of the dish may not look enticing, but surely its taste makes you forget everything.

5.      Beef Roast with Parotta:

No doubt that the people of Kerala in India are experts when it comes to beef dishes. Kerala style beef roast is surely a treat to your taste buds. Kerala cuisine offers some of the tastiest dishes, and Beef Roast has to be one.

The traditional recipe involves steaming the roast with a little water in the pressure cooker. Its seasoning is a thick mixture of onion, curry leaves, chilies, and salt. Serving beef roast with Kerala’s special bread, parotta, is what every meat-eater wants.

6.      Vada Pav:

Vada Pav, commonly found in the streets of Maharashtra, is a popular food snack. This lip-smacking yet cost-effective snack is the most favorite among children. You will find stalls and shops all over Mumbai, especially outside schools and colleges.

For all vegetarians out there, tempt your taste buds with this yummy vegetarian fusion of potato patty and a bread roll known as pav. Dry garlic chutney, sweet chutney, and green chatni make the best combination with Vada Pav.

This snack has gained quite a lot of popularity all over India.

7.      Dhokla:

Originated from Gujrat, Dhokla is a favorite breakfast of people in Western India. Fermented rice and chickpea batter are two main components of Dhokla. You will see it all over India, but for the best taste, you have to visit Gujarat.

Mint-coriander chutney tastes amazingly delicious with dhokla.

8.      Palak Paneer:

This absolute favorite and traditional food of the North is a super healthy yet delicious dish. The dish is nothing more than delicious cottage cheese known as Paneer with thick, creamy spinach gravy. It tastes the best with garlic naan, jeera rice, roti, or paratha.

Not only this food comes with taste, but it also comes along with numerous benefits. You may not be a fan of this nutritive plant, but after knowing its benefits, you will surely add it to your regular diet. The plant strengthens your bones, immune system, eyes, and also helps fight effectively against viruses and bacteria. Just like Spinach, Green Malay Kratom is another amazing natural herb that can do wonders for treating chronic pain. Many people have added these natural herbs in their diet to improve their lifestyles.

9.      Rogan Josh:

Translating Rogan Josh, it comes out to be ‘Red Lamb’. The Persian word ‘Rogan’ refers to oil, and ‘Josh’ means ‘intense heat’. Hailing from Kashmir, this aromatic lamb curry is a must-try. Rogan Josh is a staple food of Kashmiri cuisine.

This Indian curry primarily consists of boneless lamb, cooked with tomatoes, ginger, garlic cooked in oil at intense heat. The red color in the curry is from the famous ‘Kashmiri dry red chilies. Cream adds a little more flavor to the dish. Served with boiled rice, it tastes yummy.

10.  Butter Chicken:

This mouth-watering dish is in the top orders at any West restaurant in India. This tomato, puree based dish is very easy to make.  All you need is garlic, cardamom cooked in a tomato paste. Then it is all about adding the mixture to tender chicken. Butter gives a special creamy effect to the chicken, making it more delicious.

These are some of the best traditional foods from all over India. However, every province, state, and city has its own unique taste, but altogether these foods represent their beautiful culture and traditions.