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The Best Career Options for a Data Analyst

The Best Career Options for a Data Analyst

Working as a data analyst can be a fascinating career with many different paths for progression. It can be an incredibly financially rewarding industry to work within, and one that will continue to evolve.

People who embark upon careers as data analysts have a great deal of room for professional development. There are many different branches of this kind of work and there are no limits as to where these skills can be put to use. This makes it a very desirable career for people who like to be challenged at work.

What Does a Data Analyst Do?

If you have heard this job title before, but you are not certain what it involves, then this is not unusual. Most people assume that data analysts work with data, but it is not always clear to them what the purpose of doing so is.

Data Analyst

Professionals who work within these roles are generally responsible for gathering data and analyzing it. The reason for analyzing the data is usually so that it can be better understood and utilized for a specific reason. The insights provided by data analysts can be incredibly valuable to a business in improving various aspects of its operations.

Preparing for a Career in Data Analysis

If this sounds like the kind of job role that you would excel within, then you will surely want to know how to get qualified. 

Aston University equips students for a successful data analyst career with the option to study an MSc program entirely online. 

Although not all jobs within this industry are the same, there are a number of skills that will be required of all data analysts. These include being able to comprehend various programming languages and being able to effectively use online analytics tools. 

Having the potential to visualize data is also an incredibly valuable skill and one that will allow an analyst to come up with the most useful insights.

The Best Career Options

Now that you know a little bit about this career track, and how you can get started, read on to discover some of the best jobs within the field.

Some of these jobs are more competitive than others, but as you gain experience in entry-level roles, you will soon be able to work your way up.

Data Scientist

A data scientist is a person who uses information that they have collected in order to establish insights and make predictions.

People who are successful in data scientist roles will usually have a technical background and be comfortable with a high degree of technical work. They will need to be able to use computer programming languages, such as Python, as well as a range of software tools. 

Demand for expert data scientists is very high in the United States, which means that those in these roles can command high salaries. It is normal to expect a wage of over $90,000 a year when you secure a job as a data scientist.

Data Analytics Consultant

A person who works as a data analytics consultant has essentially the same role as a standard data analyst. The difference is that they will move between separate companies to offer their expertise for short periods of time.

Consultants have the freedom to choose which companies and which projects they would like to work on. This is therefore a great career choice for people who have varied interests across many sectors. The fresh challenge of often working on a new project can help to keep the work appealing and interesting.

Another great benefit of being an analytics consultant is that there is much more potential for remote working opportunities. This means that you would not generally be required to physically be in an office and could conduct your work from home.

Those who work in a consultant capacity can generally expect to earn up to $80,000 a year.

Marketing Analyst

People who work within the digital marketing world must have a strong capacity for analytics if they are to succeed. This is why trained data analysts have such potential to do well in marketing roles.

By analyzing the data from business websites, using tools such as Google Analytics, and monitoring performance from advertising campaigns, marketing analysts can boost a company’s online presence. This in turn can lead to greater sales and business growth. The many benefits that a marketing analyst can provide to a company mean that they are incredibly valued as a member of staff.

Salary expectations within digital marketing vary wildly depending on the specific sector a person is working within. On average, it is expected that a marketing analyst will make at least $65,000 a year.

Quantitative Analyst

The demand for quantitative analysts is huge and for good reason. These experts operate within the financial sector and generally work to identify excellent investment opportunities. Quantitative analysts are also often tasked with mitigating financial risks within a company to help the business avoid financial problems. 

Quantitative Analyst

A strong interest or a background in banking is helpful for those pursuing a career in this field. People who are successful in securing these roles can expect an average salary of $80,000. However, the potential to make much more money certainly exists. This is because there is much potential for a quantitative analysts to explore their own ventures and perhaps even to open their own company.

Your Career Goals

You may now be asking yourself if you are cut out for a career in data analysis. If you are excited about observing data and you believe you could thrive within this line of work, then you may wish to explore it further.

With so many varied job roles available, you can truly find a path that is suited to your unique talents. Once you have established yourself within the industry, you will naturally grow your experience and become an expert at what you do. This will help to build your reputation and eventually make you eligible for more technical jobs in senior roles.

There are no limits as to how far you can progress within the data analysis world, and it is never too late to make a change from your existing job.