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Smart and Interesting Ways To Add Value To Your Home

Smart and Interesting Ways To Add Value To Your Home

The pandemic that many of us still find ourselves in the midst of in 2021 has interrupted things, to say the least. A huge percentage of people are having to stay locked within their homes, living and working remotely, and when you spend the majority of your time at home, it’s easy to start noticing cracks and imperfections that you’d like to fix/improve, or renovations that you’d like to get started with.

Do you want to make some changes to your home in 2021 to make it more of an inviting, modern, or luxurious space? Perhaps you’re a landlord looking to increase the appeal of your property, or a homeowner looking to increase its value? Whatever the case may be, take a look at this short guide, highlighting a few smart and interesting ways to add value to your home.

Working Things Out

Got an unused attic/loft space in your property, or a garage full of junk that you’ve meant to go through and clear out? Doing regular exercise and staying active is something that we all need to make sure we’re doing during the lockdown, so why not transform these rooms into a personal gym/workout area? Killing two birds with one stone, by investing in some home workout equipment (such as weights, mats, and treadmill/exercise bike accessories) helps to create an additional space in your property that can increase its appeal and potential price point, but it also provides you with an outlet to exercise and get your regular fitness points in.

Tip – For landlords looking to entice tenants to their properties or increase the rental yield, personal gym spaces are growing in demand from young professionals. Investment companies such as RWinvest
include luxury facilities such as gyms, pools and even personal spa areas in their city-centric apartments, appealing to the tenant that wants to exercise and relax on their own terms, and around their own personal routine. This is something that you could look to emulate in your own curated space.

Rooms To Reconfigure

Smart and Interesting Ways To Add Value To Your Home

When thinking of increasing your home’s value, functional areas such as bathrooms and kitchens prove to be the most popular way of achieving a higher valuation. If you think about the kitchen specifically, it’s where you spend the most amount of time actually ‘working’ and completing a task, so having efficient storage, accessibility and ample countertop space makes it a much better offering for either you or a future tenant. Studies have shown that people often look to facilities such as the kitchen or bathroom as a first impression when looking at new properties, so having these rooms up to standard is imperative. It can be as easy as adding a modern bathroom faucet to space.

Thinking Smart

Smart and Interesting Ways To Add Value To Your Home

Living in a work-in-progress home can be stressful even when you’re working in an office or outside for a large portion of the week, and it could prove to be even more difficult if you’re working and living in amongst it 24/7. If you decide you want to opt for an improvement that’s a little more simplified and easier to install, smart technology could be the right solution for you. Futuristic, forward-thinking additions to your property’s network such as voice-activated assistants, smart lighting, security and even heating are sure to attract new tenants or impress friends and family when they can eventually visit further down the line.