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Types Of Small Business Loans and Picking The Right One

When planning to start a small business, capital is one of the most important things business people should consider. However, getting enough capital sometimes is hard, and if they can’t raise enough, a small business loan is a good idea.

Some of the places business people can get a small business loan include online small business loan lenders, credit unions, and banks. The fees, loan limits, and interest rates differ depending on the type of loan you need and lenders.

According to Lantern by SoFi, entrepreneurs must choose the right type of small business loan. That helps them to avoid waiting for so long before getting the money. They also need to know what you need the loan for. Some of the different types of loans you can get include;

Term loans

These are some of the most common types of loans that small businesses get. They are normally large sums of money that borrowers have to repay over a fixed period. They can use these types of loans for any purpose in your business, like buying new stock or expanding your business.

The monthly payments borrowers have to pay are fixed, and they include a principal and interest. Even if you are looking for debt on credit card, don’t forgot to negotiating credit card debt.

Business lines of credit

These loans work like credit cards, where borrowers have a revolving credit limit, which they can access via a checking account. With the business lines of credit loans, they have a maximum credit limit that they must repay before withdrawing more cash.

This is a perfect option if the borrower has not decided on the amount you need. They only get interested in the money they withdraw, and they don’t need collateral to get the loan because most of these loans are unsecured.

Small Business Administration Loans

SBA loans are good if the borrower wants a low-cost government-backed loan and is not in a rush to get the money. That is because the application process is long, which delays the process of getting the money.

Equipment loans

This is a good type of loan if the borrower wants to purchase large equipment for your business but doesn’t have the funds. This loan will help them get expensive things like computers, furniture, or vehicles. In case they can’t repay the loan, the lenders will use the equipment you buy as collateral.


These types of loans can give borrowers up to $50,000 in funding. Since the loan amounts are low, it is a good option if they have a small business or do not need a lot of money.

The majority of microloans are accessed through the government or nonprofits. Borrowers need to have collateral like equipment, personal assets, or real estate to qualify for the loan.

Franchise loans

Becoming a franchisee of a big company can assist a business person in establishing their small business faster than if they start from the ground. However, they still need capital, and franchise loans are the perfect way to start their business.

In most cases, the borrowers are the ones who will take the loan through small business loan lenders, but in some cases, the franchisor may give them funding as a new franchisee.

For business people who are confused about what type of loan is the best for them, Lantern by SoFi is a platform that will help them. Using Lantern by SoFi’s knowledge and expertise about small business loans, business people can compare loans and choose the best.


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