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Round Leather Dog Collar of the Best Quality

dog collar

Once you have a dog, you first need to think about how to walk it and what collar to wear. After all, choosing a collar is not as easy as it seems. A good collar should have great quality, strong clasps, and be comfortable for your pet. Some collars can rub the skin of the puppy, and do not match the size chart. So that your pet is always comfortable on a walk, choose rolled dog collars from the Waudog website. Manufacturers of Waudog rolled dog collars meet all the quality requirements of the collar, and provide your pet with constant comfort.

What Makes Waudog Round Dog Collars Special?

The brand specializes in the manufacture of collars for dogs of all breeds, so the brand’s products meet all quality standards.

Genuine Leather

If you are looking for quality material for the collar, you better not consider the usual cotton, and pay attention to genuine leather. It will serve long for your dog because leather material from Waudog is improved by an internal cord. The leather from which the collar is made will withstand all weather conditions because it is waterproof. In addition to the strength and durability of the leather, it differs in flexibility and softness, for your dog to feel comfortable. This collar is suitable for your pet with sensitive skin.

Quality Made

The quality leather from which the collar is made is the foundation for a good product. However, the way the leather is processed also plays an important role. The dog collar is shed with a strong thread that provides the shape and the resistance to external stimuli. The collar is made so that the dog can move easily and not feel the collar on the neck.

Smart QR Tag

The dream of every pet owner is to always know where his dog is. Of course, tracking a dog requires special devices, but Waudog does not offer to prevent the problem but to solve the problem. In this case, we are talking about an incident when the dog got lost. You will not be able to track your pet, but you will be helped by passers-by who see a lonely and confused dog. The site offers a personalized QR tag that is attached to the leash.

You must customize the QR tag before you let the dog go for a walk. You will create content that a passer-by will see by scanning the QR code with a camera scanner. You can enter your names (yours and your dog’s name), your number so that whoever finds your dog can contact you, the breed, information about vaccinations, and the year of birth of the animal. Thanks to the customized collar, your dog will be easily found in case the animal gets lost.

Bright Colors

The bright colors of the collars bring variety to the walking and lift the spirits of the dog owner. So if you are tired of dull and banal colors, forget about them. Choose bright orange, yellow, pink, purple, or light green, and enjoy the bright color every day. The colors are not only nice but also look stylish. In real life, the chosen colors look like in the picture.

Reliable Metal Clasp

Unreliable metal clasps can be dangerous for the dog’s safety because they can unlock by themselves at an unexpected moment. However, the clasp on the round leather dog collar is reliable and durable and is designed to withstand various loads. The overall look of the collar will not be spoiled by a ragged clasp because it is resistant to rust scratches and bumps.
On the website, you can choose a rolled leather dog collar for any breed, for both large and small dogs. To help yourself decide on the size, you can use the picture with a hint on the website, which shows the breeds of the dogs and the corresponding size of the collar. Don’t worry if the collar doesn’t fit your dog, because you can easily return it for 30 days, change the size or get your money back. So choose the best quality so that your dog always feels comfortable in the custom collar.