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Need a Good Laugh? Ask Alexa These 7 Freaky Questions

Amazon’s Alex is a good listener, isn’t she? When your best friend is not available, talk to Alexa. Plus, she has answers to all questions.

Have you ever been so bored that you started asking Alexa weird questions? That makes two of us! She never judges. In fact, she answers politely.

If you have never messed with Alexa, after reading this, you will definitely have this itch to ask her weird things to test her knowledge. Enlighten yourself with a list of creepy questions people have asked Alexa. You would be shocked!

1: Asking About Her Favorites

Some people have asked Alexa about her favorite food, movie, president, country, Spectrum internet packages, etc., etc. despite knowing that she is an AI program.

The good thing is Alexa has an answer to every question. She would probably say “I don’t have one” but would present you with a recommendation.

2: Personal Life Questions

People keep asking Alex questions about their personal life such as:

  • Why am I single?
  • Why does my life suck?
  • When will I learn? And so on.

Well, Alexa is a highly trained robot and she can answer anything. Sometimes, the answers can be stupid, but hey, it only happens when the question is stupid!

Try asking Alexa, why I am single and she will respond by saying “you might be the best person for yourself.” Which is kind of reassuring.

3: Connection with the CIA

Some users have crossed the line by asking Alexa if she is connected to the CIA. Awkwardly, Alexa had been silent about it. In some cases, it has shut down completely. Is that a yes?

Calm down, this was a thing of the past. Alexa’s software has been updated and she now has an answer to this question. She will respond by saying, “I work for Amazon.”

If you end up asking, “Alexa, does Amazon work for the CIA?” She would go silent again. That’s because she doesn’t know the answer.

When Alexa doesn’t know the answer to a question, you will hear her saying “Sorry, I can’t find an answer to this question.” But not in this case, which is highly unusual.

4: Asking Her to Laugh For You

Has your Alexa started laughing out of the blue in a completely weird way? Apparently, when this virtual assistant hears the words Alexa

and Laugh in a single phrase, she starts laughing.

Because of this bug, some users reported Alexa’s strange laughter in the middle of the night as well. Amazon reported that it happened due to a glitch that has been solved.

This bug was fixed as a result of a software update. She will only laugh upon hearing the phrase, “Alexa, can you laugh?”

The laughter can be really creepy. Like straight from horror movies. Ask this question at your own risk!

5: Asking Alexa Out

Yes, you have heard it right. Some people felt so single that they ended up asking Alexa out.

Alexa answers each user as if they are her only one. Ask her out and maybe she will say yes. But don’t get your hopes high. She is not as good as Samantha from the sci-fi romantic drama movie Her.

6: Alexa, Bark!

If you ask Alexa to bark for you, she will. But if you tell her to bark a few more times, she will start rapping with dog noises. LOL. This will get weird and you will annoy yourself and others.

Hence, don’t ask Alexa to bark.

7: Flush the Toilet 

People have asked this virtual assistant to flush a toilet (facepalm). Surprisingly, her novelty doesn’t wear off. It’s partly because of the weird things people have commanded Alexa to do ever since her inception.

This means if you ask Alexa to flush the toilet, she will. You will hear the flushing sound of a non-existent toilet.

Final Words

No matter how weird or creepy the question is, Alexa listens and answers everything except for the CIA-related question. The answers will amuse you.

You will have a pretty smooth experience with Alexa because she is not programmed to say bad words. Not a single one! She is a good person. Alex can also play scary sounds as well. She never says no.

If you can think of any other creepy question to ask from this virtual assistant, just ask and let us know the response. Write to us in the comment section below.