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Latest Happenings In Middle Easy 2019 Edition

What latest is happening in middle east

The middle east is a large and diverse area composed of many countries and cultures in North Africa and Western Asia. It has a very complex history. Which includes the Persian Gulf war, Iran hostage crisis, The Yom Kippur War, Zionism and many more events like these. Here we will let you about the recent events happening in the middle east.

The Arab Spring:

The latest tragedy happening in Syria is a topic everyone knows out there. It is reportedly said that Syria is the latest country to join the great wave of protest in middle east. Early in January, several countries throughout the whole Middle East and North Africa have called for change. The change which will begin with Tunisia and Egypt. The latest addition is the uprising of which is known as Arab spring. Syria military has besieged, the small town of Syria named Dara. After their cruel activities. They have now cut the water supply, food supply and also electricity supply to the people. Also they have cut the phone lines too so no protester can contact with each other. The moto of military is to prevent the fire of protest invading in the county’s capital, Damascus.

Fight for peace:

American forces have been leading the charge to enforce a no fly zone over Libya. Basically, a no fly zone is an area where most airplanes are not permitted to fly. NATO hopes that it will stop Qaddafi air attacks. The moto of no fly zone flown by NATO member countries may attack Qaddafi’s planes to not allow them from bombing cities.

Now U.S military’s extensive resources have took the leadership. American warship , submarine ETC will help the countries to bombard Qaddafi’s force. Turkey is also taking part in it as to start a discussion between Qaddafi’s government and from the rebels.

Protests sweep Middle East.

Recently lacs of people including women, men and children came out to protest their government’s leadership. Also protesters in other regions like Algeria, Iran, Jordan,  Morocco, Yemen have crowded the streets. But what took a eye catching attention is Libya. Where the peaceful protests have turned violent. What protesters are demanding is one thing that the leader give up power. In turn what government has deal it by giving orders to the its military to do whatever to stop the protesters. Hundred and thousands of people are leaving Qaddafi. And U.S has told the government that any mind of harm to peaceful protesters will not be tolerated.

The UAE sends peace delegation to Iran:

As per Middle East Headlines News, Recently It has came into news that the Iranians supreme leader advisor has sent peace delegation to Iran. Hossein Dehgan also mentioned that UAE has become the US base for striking Iran. Also in his speech Dehgan mentioned that UAE move was Abu Dhabi failure. The delegation was sent by number of delegates to Tehran for a peace talk, for the wake of ongoing tension in the Gulf region.