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How to save your retirement funds by buying an apartment in Singapore

Singapore is no doubt a dream place to live in. A beautiful city of island. With numerous eye catching spots you want to visit and enjoy.

Singapore which is a city of colour and calmness is everyone’s favourite. Who don’t want to see the beauty it have.

Also it is a relatively very economical stable country. With good policies and jobs to do. With all these benefits who will not want to live in a heavenly beautiful place? Everyone does.

This is a dream of every individual to have a home of their own. Some dream of having their dream home at their dream city or country.

And some just need a shelter of their own where they can live calmly and peacefully. A place where they can start their new family and live happily with them and where they can live in their old age. But buying home is no joke.

And especially if you are thinking to buy The Florence Residences showflat in Singapore. It is not an easy task to purchase a home of your own in Singapore because the rates of property here are high. You can not just go and buy a home in one day.

For this purpose you need to make a good planning in early time if you really want to buy your own home. As soon as you finish your education and find a job. Don’t become an impatient young guy. Don’t waste your money in buying expensive phones or rushing for a bike or a car. Yes these things definitely are very important but not as much as a home. That’s the first mistake adults make that the use money and their savings buying other things and when the time reach to buy a home they have nothing and they rush for home loans which is no joke.

It is a long commitment one has to make. For a better future planning start saving your money from the very first day of your job. Keep on thing on the top of your list and that would be “ A home”. That’s how when you’ll going to start your family you will have enough money to buy a home of your own with no worries and stress. Also it will help you a lot in future as well.

We all know in a job there come a time when we have to get retired from it. And this time of your life is very sensitive. What will you have would be only your retirement pay. And you have to survive on that.

Now suppose If you’re living in a rental home or have bought a home with home loans how difficult it would be to pay the dues on your retirement money.

That’s why it is very beneficial and important to have a home of your own. So that after retirement you don’t need to worry about paying rents but enjoy with your loved one and live a happy life.