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How To Make Your Door More Secure

how to make your door more secure

A home is a place meant to offer security and safety. Having a secure door is a necessity in any home because this is the entry point for any intruders. Since the technology has improved over the past few years, different techniques and gadgets have come into existence to make your home and other properties safe and secure. One of the most efficient tools used in the modern era are smart security doors that you can easily find and buy such as like here. In addition to installing the security door, there are a number of factors to consider when improving the security of your doors and also many ways to make them more secure. Given below are some of the most effective ways of making your house a more secure place for you and your family.

1. Use a Heavy-duty Deadbolt Instead of an Ordinary Lock

A deadbolt is a very effective yet cost-efficient solution. There are some varieties of this type of door lock; metal pocket deadbolts, the solid connection in the wall stud, and an oversized pocket. In all of these types of deadbolts, the most effective are those with a grade 1 security rating.

picture of a heavy duty deadbolt lock

2. Use a Strike Box

A strike box is an excellent replacement for the existing strike plates. The strike box includes a metal pocket, several oversized plates, and a firm connection. The solid connection is fixed into the wall behind the door with the help of 3-inch screws. If you wish to make this addition to your door security, you would be required to enlarge the hole for the door jam and cover plate recess.

3. Install a Reinforcing Plate

You can make your doors more secure by using metallic three-sided reinforcement plates. These plates encase the door deadbolt or handset. In order to find the size that will fit your door, measure the thickness of the door, the diameter of the deadbolt/headset, and the distance between the deadbolt’s center and the edge of the door.

4. Rekey the Lock for Your Main Door

Another important thing to keep in mind is that only you or your family should be the owner of the key to your house. If you have moved into the house and are not the first owner, rekey the locks in order to guarantee that no one but you or your family possess a key for the lock. You can find a re-keying kit at any hardware store or a home-improvement center. These kits can allow as many as 6 locks for the same key to be rekeyed.

5. Make Sure that the Door Has a Wide-angle Peephole

A wide-angle peephole allows you to do a wide scan outside the main door from inside the home. You can easily find a wide-angle peep-hole for your door because most are standard-designed for all doors up to 2 inches thick.

install a Wide-angle Peephole

Security doors have become a necessity if you wish to keep your home safe and maintain your privacy. Security door installation can be done with the aid of professionals who specialize in the installation of such security windows and doors. If you are in search of security doors Melbourne, you can easily find a number of different providers offering excellent quality aluminum security doors. Such service providers offer a range of services including the installation of sliding doors, aluminum security doors, and aluminum screen doors.