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How to Find the Right Plumber?

If you’re on the hunt for plumbing services, you must take the time to find a trustworthy and reputable provider. Every industry has its bad apples, and the plumbing trade is no exception. You might have already heard a few horror stories, be it, someone who didn’t show up, disappeared halfway through, or left an unsightly mess.

At the same time, there are plenty of excellent plumbers out there with whom you can build lasting relationships, giving you someone you can always rely on to provide quality service. It’s simply a matter of finding them. To aid in this effort, we’ve put together a list of guidelines on how you can find the best plumbers in your area.

Check for Qualifications

First, you should ensure that any plumber you consider is licensed and bonded by the state. You may ask to see a copy of their documents.

Good plumbers also have insurance, namely liability insurance and worker’s compensation insurance. The former protects both parties if anything is damaged or anyone is injured on the job. 

Qualification of Plumber

Here are a few more questions that you can ask when checking or interviewing a plumber:

  • Is their compliance record clean?
  • Can they provide supplier references?
  • How long have they been in business?
  • What type of certification do they have?
  • Will they be doing the work or hiring a subcontractor?

It’s also wise to check how much training the plumbers have. They could be an accredited apprentice, journeyman, or a master plumber. If possible, you might want to see how the service provider screens their employees as well. Is there a background checking process, for example? This way, you can be confident that your possessions and family are safe.

Keep it Local

It’s generally recommended that you deal with a plumber in your area. This way, you know where they are and can visit their premises if needed. You can also ask locals about their experience with the plumber. The internet can help you find plumbers nearby. For instance, the top plumbers in St Louis are at Maplewood Plumbing & Sewer

Another benefit of working with local plumbers is that they’ll be able to reach your home faster. This way, if there’s ever an emergency, the problem will be addressed before it gets out of hand.

Test Their Customer Service

Customer Service of a Plumber

A great way to determine how a plumbing company treats its customers is to get in touch with them and see how they respond. Do they provide informative answers? Do they sound friendly and experienced? Are they genuinely interested in solving your problem? While you’re on the phone with them, you can ask the following questions:

  • Do you have experience with my plumbing issue?
  • Have you handled projects of my size before?
  • How many other projects are you handling at the same time?
  • Can you send references to previous clients?

With the above guidelines in mind, you should be able to easily find a suitable plumbing service for your needs. Be sure to get a written estimate of the cost of your repair beforehand.

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