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Get to Know Ethereum: The Cryptocurrency Taking the World by Storm

Get to Know Ethereum

It is a fact that we have all heard about Impact of Bitcoin and Ethereum at present. However, let us not forget that these two are not the same by any means. While the main purpose of the creation of Bitcoin was to form a decentralized, alternative currency, Ethereum has better and bigger goals in mind.

Ethereumaspires to establish a software platform supporting decentralized applications that do not need any help from any 3rd party to operate apart from supporting cryptocurrencies as well.

Overview of Ethereum- Points To Know

One can consider Ethereum to be a sort of computing platform network which is decentralized as well as open source. There is some similarity between the functioning of the networks of both Bitcoin and Ethereum where the software can verify and store financial agreements without any need for any 3rd party to intervene.

The Ethereum network can be thought to be a secure database that nobody will be able to access. It is a fact that ether happens to be the 2nd biggest crypto at present which helps to make Ethereum the second-biggest cryptocurrency after Bitcoin.

Ethereum Vs Bitcoins- All You Need to Know About

Bitcoin was primarily intended to help us in storing wealth and for serving as digital money. Although it is possible to use ether for storing value and as digital money, users will be able to create and operate smart contracts and apps as well as other transactions thanks to the decentralized nature of the Ethereum network. On the other hand, one can only use Bitcoin for storing value plus a medium of exchange.

In other words, Ethereum happens to be a platform for different types of applications for storing data securely. Thus, It can be rightly asserted that Ethereum can be considered to be something more than simply a cryptocurrency.

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Benefits of Using Ethereum- Points to Note

1. Provides us with lots of functions

Apart from using Ethereum as a digital currency, one can also use it for conducting different types of financial transactions, storing information for 3rd-party applications, and executing smart contracts.

2. There is no need for the intervention of middlemen

The Ethereum network which happens to be decentralized in nature helps to free the users from the intervention of any middlemen such as banks functioning as financial intermediaries, legal practitioners creating and interpreting contracts, as well as 3rd-party site hosting providers.

3. Evolving constantly

Ethereum can boast of having a developer community that takes the required steps for improving the network while creating fresh applications as well. One can consider Ethereum to be the preferred blockchain network for intriguing and innovative decentralized apps as well.

Drawbacks of Ethereum

1. Increasing costs of transactions

The transaction fees tend to be somewhat high because of the increasing popularity of Ethereum at present. The transaction costs of Ethereum became as high as $23 for every transaction in 2021 which was not considered to be a great in case you are trying to use the network. The reason for this is that as compared to Bitcoin, people involved in the transaction are forced by Ethereum to pay the fee.

2. It is tough to understand for some developers

Developers might find it difficult to comprehend Ethereum because they are moving toward decentralized networks from centralized processing at present.

3. The future is not certain

It is a fact that there is a vast improvement and expansion for Ethereum these days. Nevertheless, the future of the present applications and partnerships has become uncertain due to the big upgrade of the network.


It will be a good idea to invest in the Ethereum network because of several reasons. Firstly, one can use it as a virtual currency. Secondly, there can be more demand for Ethereum soon, and thirdly, the Ethereum blockchain can become more appealing in the long run. Make it a point to invest in firms creating Ethereum-based applications apart from purchasing Ether directly for getting the best results.