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Why a Move to Cloud Computing Could be the Best Career Choice you Ever Make?

Cloud Computing Career

Over the last 30 to 40 years, there’s little doubt about the effect computers, technology, and the internet have had on all aspects of modern life. From e-commerce retailing to social media platforms and streaming media applications, the web and tech have completely transformed all aspects of work and society as a whole.

The Tip of the Iceberg

While tech has undoubtedly changed the world in recent years, many industry analysts suggest we’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg in terms of where the digital revolution could take us. 

The ongoing digitization of business and increased use of tech like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning make many experts suggest we’re currently undergoing a fourth industrial revolution (so-called Industry 4.0). 

The Growth of Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

One thing’s most definitely for sure – the world is changing and computers are becoming interwoven into our very existence. In particular, one technology that has come to the fore over the last decade or so – cloud computing – is revolutionizing the modern workplace and changing how and where companies can operate. 

A Career in Cloud Computing Helps Future-Proof Employment Prospects

Just like the other industrial revolutions before it, experts predict Industry 4.0 will change jobs irreversibly, making some obsolete while others have yet to be imagined. It’s almost inevitable many traditional roles will disappear as the world moves more and more to automation.

However, having a qualification in (and experience of) emerging technologies like cloud computing will offer increased protection against the rise of machines. One need only look at the tremendous growth of the titan retailer, Amazon, plus its associated Amazon Web Services to see the effect cloud computing has already had on the world. Training in

AWS cloud certification now will ready you for the digital future and increase your chances of ongoing employment.

Cloud Computing as Career Option

Raise your Personal Value

As cloud services become ever more ingrained in firms, the value of trained professionals with cloud experience will increase. Incidentally, cloud tech isn’t just used for work applications – the cloud is also the backbone of other more personal platforms like Google Photos, Spotify, Netflix, etc. 

These services aren’t simply going to disappear – rather, they will likely be joined by a raft of other online, cloud-based platforms for both business and personal use – meaning those with cloud skills will continue to be in high demand.

Improved Options for a Sideways Career Move

As mentioned above, businesses in all sectors are increasingly migrating their digital services to the cloud. This wide adoption of cloud computing in multiple industries means those with cloud qualifications could find opportunities in seemingly unrelated disciplines raising the potential for a sideways career change.

Personal Growth and a Better Understanding of the Tech Around You

Programming and understanding computers and tech aren’t just financially rewarding – they will also give you a better comprehension of the tech that surrounds us every day. Also, the skills required for programming can lead to personal growth and will help develop your problem-solving abilities – a talent that can be used in many other unrelated real-world situations.