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Best Angling Destinations in the Caribbean Islands

Best Angling Destinations in the Caribbean Islands

The act of fishing, otherwise known as angling are of two kinds: Bay angling and Deep sea angling. Bay angling, can have various definitions depending on the region where the activity is carried out. However, it is seen as any angling activity which occurs in any body of water below or exactly thirty meters deep. Deep-sea angling, otherwise known as offshore angling, is an angling activity that is carried out in deep bodies of water, roughly above thirty meters in depth.

When you are engaging in deep-sea angling, there are certain tips to be considered to guarantee safety, they include: watching out for dolphins when angling for Tuna, angling close to the reef, taking medications if you are suffering from motion sickness, and choosing expert guides when angling.

Since the Caribbean Islands are filled with incredible beaches, they offer a great opportunity for tourists and locals to participate in sports angling or pleasure angling. If you are planning a trip to any of the Caribbean Islands, and considering the best angling spots for a family recreational activity whether in St Barts or any other Caribbean Island, then this article is definitely for you.

The Best Points for Angling In the Caribbean Island

The Caribbean island’s pride in having thriving marine life and a sustainable underwater natural ecosystem. This has contributed to its status as one of the best angling destinations in the world. A few of these destinations for both offshore and Bay angling can be seen below.

Bay Angling

Bay angling is frequently carried out close to seashores, piers, and beaches. Some individuals prefer to do bay angling near coastlines, mangroves, and coral reefs. Below are two of the best places in the Caribbean Islands where Bay angling can be carried out.

St Barths Marine Angling Reserve

Your best chances of angling can be experienced at the Marine Reserve of Saint Barths. Because the government is extremely cautious about safeguarding marine life, certain protocols must be abided by. However, sports such as sailing, diving, and angling are allowed. Angling in the Marine Reserve can be done from the shore or a boat. The idea is to safeguard the fish while interfering as little as possible with the natural aquatic habitat.


Andros is the biggest island in The Bahamas. It is perhaps the best spot to participate in Bay angling in The Bahamas, particularly bone angling. The island is widely recognized as the ‘Bonefish Capital of the World.’ This reputation is attributed to the fact that fishers frequently catch bonefish weighing over ten pounds in Andros.

Offshore angling

Offshore angling is famous in the Caribbean Islands with numerous tour organizations providing tourists with the best angling guides. Two of the islands with the best offshore angling spots are listed below.

St Lucia

St Lucia an eastern Caribbean Island country, home to many beaches, resorts, diving sites, and angling villages. Offshore angling in St Lucia can generate various sorts of fish such as wahoo, tuna, blue marlin, sailfish, and many more. Numerous species of fish can be gotten throughout the year.


It is an island nation situated between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. Numerous activities can be carried out in Grenada, from beach diving, to tasting mouth-watering local cuisines and angling. There are top seasons for certain kinds of fish that can be caught in Grenada such as the blue marlin. Otherwise, other angling species can be caught at any time in the year.


There are tons of other exciting activities for individuals to do when touring the Caribbean islands. These activities could either be surfing, canoeing, surfing, swimming, and sailing.