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3 Of The Best Adventure Vehicle Storage Fit Outs For Camping

Whether it’s bush treks or 4×4 expeditions, it’s essential to make sure your goods are stored securely and safely out there on the trail. While many camping and adventure vehicles come with a few places to store goods, the truth is that the best way to store your camping equipment, 4×4 recovery gear, and other bits and pieces is to have a tailor-made storage fit-out.

Check out the three best adventure vehicle fits outs you can get installed quickly and affordably.

# 1 – Storage Drawer Fit-Out

Have a camper van, 4WD, or 4×4 vehicle that just needs a bit more storage space? Consider installing single and double drawer units in the back and sides of your vehicle. Camping storage drawer fit-outs can hold up to 150 kilos and typically come with locking devices to keep your items safe when you’re not around.  These drawers are great for organising camping gear, food and clothing, tools, recovery equipment and more. Installation time is quick, easy, and cost-effective.

# 2 – Drawer and Kitchen Sink Fit-Outs

Unlike camper vans, 4WD and 4×4 vehicles don’t always have a sink installed to clean up after cooking. Using the space available in the back of your truck for storage, you can add on a simple or customised kitchen setup. These are great for all campers who want to increase their cooking and clean up convenience while camping or trekking through the bush.

# 3 – Full Kitchen and Drawer Fit-Outs

For those whose camping or adventure activities require the convenience of a full kitchen, it’s possible to have your vehicle fitted with everything you need. This includes slides with foldable legs to store and use ovens, grills, eskies, fridges, and other appliances you need to prepare and cook food while camping or on the trail.

Additionally, these full-scale fit-outs include camping storage drawers that hold cooking utensils, food and water storage containers, plates, cups and other items you need to keep clean.

How do I get fit-outs installed on my adventure vehicle?

Getting camping storage drawers and other fit-outs is pretty easy. Look online and you’ll find that experienced companies create custom storage solutions that are both functional and efficient, while also looking great in your 4WD or adventure vehicle.

These units typically attach to the anchor points already in your vehicle, meaning there is no excess drilling or holes needed to ensure that your items are safely secured when driving around.

Furthermore, experts from places like BestOffRoad.net.au can create custom fit-outs that work with your fridge, kitchen sink, drawers and much more to provide you with the very best in convenience when out camping, kayaking or on other adventures.

Camping is better with customised storage solutions

The right adventure vehicle storage fit-outs can keep your gear organised, accessible, clean and secure – ensuring you have everything you need for a memorable trip out bush.

With these optimised camping storage drawers and fit-outs, you can enhance your camping experience to a whole new level by allowing for more storage, a complete kitchen and much more.